Cosplay Guests Panel

We revealed the three cosplayers invited to this Nijikon edition, and, on Sunday, it’s their turn to reveal some of the secrets behind their costumes and the effort put into cosplay. Adelhaid, Dudus and Kireus will be on stage on Sunday for the interactive Q&A panel, ready for all your cosplay questions.

NANA Concert

We have already made a lot of interesting announcements, but don't worry, it's not over yet! Mimi, Kizuro, Cristi, Rammy and Teo have prepared a really cool concert for you with their favorite songs from NANA. As you already know, this is their second concert one the Romanian otaku stage, and their debut went amazingly well. Get your aplauses ready!

Cosplay guest: Adelhaid from Russia

This year, Nijikon invited for you a prominent cosplayer from Russia: Adelhaid. She is a versatile talent of the genre who demonstrated a flawless adaptation to various styles and characters from anime, games and films; from Victorian dresses and outsized Renaissance inspired costumes to cosplays after cyborgs, superheroes or fascinating goddesses. So don’t miss this great chance to meet her! She is a friendly and talented cosplayer, ready to offer you precious tips and tricks!

Get your ticket for Nijikon 2016!

We have some good news: tickets for Nijikon 2016 are now available! This years' visitors will now benefit from a new ticketing system. Access to the venue will be made through digital coupons which you can purchase via SMS, card payment or cash via Qiwi/ZebraPay terminals. You will have the option of either printing your coupon at home or showing it from your mobile phone at the entrance during Nijikon 2016.

Purchase your access coupons from our platform and also find out all you need to know about the new system.


Cosplay guest: Dudus from Hungary

Dudus from Hungary is another surprise for you and we are convinced that she will be a magnificent presence at Nijikon! She has been cosplaying since 2006, and her pirate, viking or ice king costumes are definitely something very special on the female cosplay scene. Therefore, Nijikon 2016 will be a great occasion to admire her cosplays and ask her interesting questions that could help you create better costumes in the future!

Cosplay guest: Kireus from the Netherlands

Nijikon 2016 brings you a true master of armors: Kireus, a cosplayer from Holland and member of the well-known group MMMC. Kireus has 9 years of cosplay already, and his spectacular costumes were appreciated at prominent cosplay contests from China, France and England. At Nijikon, Kireus will surely be a noteworthy presence and a trustworthy adviser for those that are willing to learn some nice cosplay tips!

Older news

Cosplay contest registration forms are now open

The preparations for Nijikon 2016 are going on smoothly and we have already taken care of a very important segment: the cosplay contests. In order for you to be able to prepare beforehand, the registrations to the local contests are now open for both solo, and groups. And for the most enthusiastic cosplayers we have also prepared the registrations to the international contests preliminaries: EuroCosplay 2017 (in London) and Cosplay World Masters 2017 (in Lisbon) for solo; and Clara Cow Cosplay

Nijikon 2016 site is online

Nijikon 2016 website is now up and running, and in the following days we will update it with more information related to the tickets (price, where to buy them, etc.), and also with some special announcements. This year, on October 22-23, we welcome you in a brand new venue: Bragadiru Palace, located on 147-153 Rahova Avenue, close to both the Union Square, and the Palace of Parliament. We’ll start with the registrations to the AMV and cosplay contests, and not only: those who are tempted