About Us

Nijikon is one of the largest pop culture conventions in Romania. Its goal is to gather geeks from all over the region and bring in producers, distributors and other agents from the covered domains.


The target public is aged between 12 and 30 years. Although the event started up with a Japanese pop culture profile, especially anime and manga, it expanded to welcome comics, video games, movies and more.


The first edition took place in October 2007, at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC). It gathered almost 1500 visitors in a weekend, being successfully enough to warrant a second edition, this time organized in a slightly more professional manner.

Since then, the event was hosted in a various range of venues, this year's edition being held at Bragadiru Palace, where adventure is waiting for over 4000 visitors.

And you're welcome too.



For any inquiries don't hesitatate to write us at contact[at]nijikon.ro, or find us on our FACEBOOK PAGE.